Congratulatory Messages

Australians living in NSW celebrating a special birthday or wedding anniversary can receive a personal letter of congratulations from the NSW Premier.

Upon request, the NSW Premier will send a message of congratulations to NSW residents turning 80 years of age and every fifth year thereafter up to 90 and then every year thereafter.

The NSW Premier also sends messages to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage and every year thereafter.

For eligibility requirements for congratulatory messages Please refer to the following link for more details:

How to Apply

To arrange a message from the NSW Premier you should contact my office provided the person or couple celebrating the occasion are NSW residents in the Albury Electorate.

You will need to provide supporting documentation like a birth certificate or marriage certificate (photocopies of originals are accepted). If these are not available you can provide a statutory declaration. Statutory declaration forms are available at any Post Office or online at the Department of Communities and Justice website.

Your request to the NSW Premier will be passed on to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the NSW Governor's Office and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly if you are eligible to receive messages from other parties.

No charge is made to send a message of congratulations from the Premier.

The Premier's messages are sent via Australia Post and will be dispatched to the nominated recipient within 10 working days of receipt of the request from my office.