Provision of Free State Flag

All requests for a free NSW State Flag are submitted through my office.

Send us an email:


State Flags are not provided for individuals (e.g. exchange students)

State Flags are not provided for use overseas or to interstate bodies.

State Flags may be loaned for a specific purpose for short periods (e.g. a national sporting competition where all States are represented.)

Flags may be replaced when worn. Requests for a replacement will normally be considered after a period of 3 years.


Approved Bodies

Organisations must meet one of the following criteria and have the facilities to permit the proper flying or display of the flag in order to be eligible.

  • Schools
    1. Including pre-schools, kindergartens, private, independent, religious and tertiary educational establishments (1 flag per school)
  1. Hospitals
    1. (1 flag per hospital)
  2. Recognised voluntary or not-for-profit youth, sporting or community organisations.
    1. For example Scout and Girl Guides Groups, Bowls Clubs (1 flag per organisation)
    2. Where a number of groups meet in one hall, only one flag per hall.
    3. Headquarters of groups do not qualify.
  3. Community service groups including:
    1. Senior citizens clubs (1 flag per club)
    2. Ex-Service organisations (1 flag per organisation)
    3. Country Women’s Association (1 flag per organisation)
    4. Lions club (1 flag per club)
    5. Rotary clubs (1 flag per club)
    6. Apex clubs (1 flag per club)
  4. Multi-cultural community organisations
    1. (1 flag per organisation)
  5. Volunteer rescue organisation
    1. (1 flag per organisation)
  6. NSW Local Councils
    1. (1 flag per council)
  7. Members of NSW Parliament
    1. (1 flag per member)
  8. Nursing homes, retirement villages
    1. (1 flag per organisation)
  9. Places of worship
    1. (1 flag per building)
  10. Agricultural, pastoral and horticultural show societies
    1. (1 flag per organisation)
  11. Museums and NSW historical societies
    1. (1 flag per organisation)
  12. NSW court houses
    1. (1 flag per location)
  13. Emergency services stations
    1. (1 flag per station)